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Hamachi free download for windows 7



Create a safe private network between computers

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Set Up A VPN Service For Small Business Easily With Hamachi

Version reviewed on: 05 Apr 2015
  • Currently 5/5

 If you have your eyes set on an easy to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for your small business without any hardware, then Hamachi is worth trying out. It can handle all kinds of traffic and network jobs easily through its own internet service. This software is an ideal VPN option for small businesses. It offers you the opportunity to create a virtual LAN and makes use of a secure connection to transfer data through the internet. It is easy to create secure instant virtual networks whenever you need with the help of this tool. 

 Features And Pros Of Hamachi

 If you need to easily create, maintain and manage VPNs from anywhere, then you need to have access to Hamachi free download. It offers secure virtual LAN network for mobile users and is very easy to set up and manage. 

 Integrated Security

 The communications over private and public networks are completely secured via AES 256 bit encryption. It gives you the option to organize default settings for specific clients and networks and also offers support for minimal, restricted or full client interface modes. You can control the usage and network access of users through centralized access controls. 

 Various Networking Options

- Mesh networking can be created to allow remote machines to get connected to each other for access to all the network resources.
- Gateway virtual networking gives access to the LAN network or private network for the users.
- Hub-and-spoke virtual networking gives users the access to certain computers on the network from any location. 

 Web Based Management

 You can run Hamachi free download software in the background so that you have access to computers on the network always. The software allows you to quickly provide VPN software to new computers without an on-site visit. 


 There is not much problems in this software except that you need the paid version for coarse management and editing client permissions is an issue.

Hamachi Review:

 Hamachi is a free mediated peer to peer application developed by Applied Networking Inc. located in Vancouver Canada.  It allows for bidirectional connections behind a NAT (Network Address Translation) and can be used for many purposes which.

  I can see many uses for this application.  First you could use it for accessing your home PC from work, or from another remote location leaving you home PC behind a hardware firewall with a software firewall.  Because Hamachi is so easy to use you would not have to worry about setting up a secure ftp server. Plus you would be able to use your remote desktop to access other options to your home PC securely if you wanted.

 I could also see using this for a closed secured/encrypted P2P sharing utility.  You would be able to share data files with anyone you wanted with out having to worry about who might be watching what you are sharing.  You would be able to use bitorrent on the closed network if you wanted.  The security would only be guaranteed by who you gave the network name and password to.

 You would be able to set up LAN games over the WAN.

 Over all I think this application has been put together very well.  It is simple to use and simple to install.  You have to remember Hamachi is beta right now so there are bound to be some problems.  I have not found any real problems with it yet.  I was able to connect to another PC on my LAN and I was able to connect to another PC over the WAN/internet.  I had no problems seeing all shared folders that any PC was sharing.  I have not tried using is for LAN gaming yet, or any other service via the shared pipe.  Some small issues I have found are:
- Not having the ability to have your own mediation server yet (more secure option)
- The Hamachi application trying to accesses the startup folder in the programs folder checking to see if a link has been created there yet

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problem with hamachi
by bolan on 31 Mar 2015 | on version:
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Please help me. hamachi failed to connect to engine

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